Entry Requirments

Conditions for acceptance into the Coastal Communities and Regional Development program are that the applicant must have completed an undergraduate university degree with first grade, regardless of if it is a BA, BSc or BEd. 

Candidates can come from diverse education and work backgrounds, as the interdisciplinary nature of the study is based on many fields such as geography, social sciences, economics, and planning.

English is the communication and educational language of the program. It is anticipated that applicants from Iceland, Scandinavia and the English-speaking countries possess adequate skills in the language. Other applicants must demonstrate sufficient English skills (CEFR level C1) with recognised tests. 



Applying for single courses

We also invite you to take single Master's Courses as a guest student. People working in the field of Coastal and marine management or related fields are also welcome to take single courses. Please visit the Open Courses website for further information and application forms.