Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

Duration: 12 minutes, plus 5 minutes for Q&A


All oral presentations must be in English.

Please prepare your slides as a PowerPoint file or a PDF and bring them with you to the conference. The slides should be in English.

We recommend that you bring your presentation on a data stick. You will need to load your presentation onto the conference computer before a session starts, to facilitate a smooth transition between speakers.

Computers onsite will be PCs with a Windows-based environment. Participants who use presentation software other than PowerPoint should bring their files in PPT or PDF formats.

You will not be able to plug your own laptop into the conference projection system. If you require using your own hardware or special software for your presentation, please let us know in advance we can prepare to help you!

Poster Presentation

The poster session on Thursday evening at the University Center of the Westfjords allows researchers the chance to present their work in a visual format and offers opportunities for interaction and discussion.

Please bring your own poster to the conference. Posters will be hung up on the wall.

The person(s) presenting the poster must take responsibility for bringing it to the venue and displaying it between 5 and 6 pm, before the session starts. Staff will be available to help you. Posters can remain at the venue up until the conference ends on Friday. It is your responsibility to remove the poster.

Book of abstracts

In the book of abstracts, which will be handed out at the conference, we will publish the abstracts that you have already submitted to us, unless you want to send us an updated version (please avoid major changes of the contents) by no later than September 10th. Please make sure that all involved authors are mentioned.