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Ísafjörður, the venue for the CoastGIS 2018, is the largest township in the Westfjords of Iceland, a regional service center with a vibrant cultural life and stunning nature. More information on Ísafjörður and the Westfjords can be found at Visit Westfjords.

The Westfjords Tourist Information Office is located in the Edinborg Culture House in Ísafjörður. For information and assistance, please call (+354) 450-8060 or email at


Weather and more ... 

The weather gods in Iceland usually can´t make up their mind so you better come prepared for sun, rain, snow, wind, and a combination of all at once. Please bring enough layers as if you were going to an island in the north atlantic just south of the arctic circle. It usually pays of to bring a rainproof.  

The Icelandic Meteorological Office is doing a good job in predicting the unpredictable and their website gives you access to all sorts of interesting information beyond weather forecast. You can keep track of the daily earthquakes, read up about avalanches, follow sea-ice observations, check out the spatial distribution of precipitation, browse through observations of vulcanic gas detection, and much much more ...

For orientation within Iceland and further information on the geography of Iceland you should check out the map viewers of the National Land of Survey of Iceland as well as



Iceland is a member of the Schengen cooperation which exempts travelers from border controls travelling between 26 EU and EFTA countries. A uniform Schengen visa issued by one of the Schengen states is valid for travel within the whole Schengen area. Nationals of EEA (European Economic Area) countriesdo not need to apply for a visa. 

Please visit the website of the Directorate of Immigration to see if your nationality requires a visa before entering Iceland. Website: Directorate of Immigration - who needs a visa

For all visitors to Iceland, please ensure your passport or other travel documents are valid 90 days beyond your return date from Iceland.


If you have further questions, please contact We are happy to help!



photo: Agust Atlason
photo: Agust Atlason
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