Excursion from Ísafjörður to Reykjavík 29. September

We have arranged a day long post-conference bus trip, from Ísafjörður back to Reykjavík on Saturday September 29th. Departure from Ísafjörður is early Saturday morning at 9:00 with arrival in Reykjavík in the early evening. 


Departure is 9:00 outside Hotel Ísafjördur – Please let us know if you would like to be picked up at a different location.

Around 10:30am we stop at the waterfall Dynjandi. Depending on the weather we will spend there 45 to 60 minutes before we continue our way south.

Around noon we will stop for lunch in Flókalundur. We will have some soup, some traditional Icelandic Hotdogs, coffee and enough time to stretch our legs.

In the afternoon between 3pm and 4pm we will stop in Reykholar for coffee and some Icelandic pastries.

At 7pm we will eat dinner in Borganes and then continue our way to Reykjavik. Let us know on the way where we can drop you off.


Peter Weiss, Astrid Fehling, and an experienced guide will be with you on the bus.



Iceland, landmælingar íslands
Iceland, landmælingar íslands