Master's Thesis

Students are required to do independent research and write a 45 ECTS credits master thesis. This takes place in the second year. 

Finding a topic for your thesis

Developing the thesis, as well as finding an advisor, is done in close cooperation with the program directors.  Students do not need to have their thesis topic ready before they start the program. Most of the core courses are taught during the autumn semester, this is a perfect time to get an inspiration for a thesis topic. Students have access to instructors, both in class and during office hours, to discuss opportunities.

Developing a thesis

The development of the thesis begins formally in the beginning of the spring semester with the proposal writing workshop which is mandatory for all students. This is a two credit course taught throughout the semester where students learn about research design and academic writing. During the (mandatory) course Applied Methodology students explore suitable methods for the thesis topic and future research activities.

Finding an advisor

Students at UW have great freedom to pick topics and advisors for their thesis project or in cooperation with the program director. The advisor can be an instructor from the program, but can also come from other universities or research institutions or the working world across the globe. Please note that the thesis advisor needs to be approved by the master's program committee.

Writing the thesis -  Ísafjörður, London, New York!

Students have the freedom to choose a topic anywhere in the world. A growing number of second year students, up to 50%, decide to stay here in the Westfjords while writing their thesis. For those who want to write about the Westfjords, UW assists connecting students to institutions and companies in the region.

Don't hesitate to contact the program director for more information.

In the link below, to Skemman thesis directory, you can access theses done at the CMM program from the begining: