Class of 2012-2013.
Class of 2012-2013.
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Each year we welcome students from all around the world and from various educational backgrounds to the University Centre of the Westfjords who all bring their unique set of skills to the program. Some students join directly after completing their bachelor's degree and others decide to continue studying after some years on the job market. The international atmosphere and the mix of experiences creates a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas among students and with faculty.

The wide range of courses offered, combined with the possibility of supplementing studies with transferred credits from internships and external courses, gives students the opportunity to choose a direction best suited for them. The interdisciplinary nature of the program prepares our students well for the job market in the field of natural resource management and beyond. Data about alumni occupations and much more can be found in the Universities Centre´s latest report.

Usually students graduate after two years, with a celebration on Iceland’s National Day, June 17th. Many move on to all possible corners of the world but some put down roots in Iceland.

Read in our Blog what Alumni Daniel Metzer says about his time at the University Centre of the Westfjords.