The University Centre‘s teaching staff is as diverse as it is numerous – and numerous it truly is, as 201 instructors have been involved in teaching and advising in the Centre’s two master’s programs over the last twelve years. One thing that all these instructors have in common is that none is permanently employed as a teacher at the Centre. The University Centre places an emphasis on finding highly qualified specialists in each field to teach courses on its two multidisciplinary masters programs in Coastal and Marine Management and Coastal Communities and Regional Development.

Given the breadth of the field of the two programs, it would have been very difficult, perhaps impossible, to find two individuals who could have covered the program’s entire academic spectrum. Thus the Centre, from the beginning, bet on its ability to attract specialized instructors for short periods of time, usually two or three weeks. Through this approach, students get to know instructors who are not just specialized professionals, but are also diverse in their origins and backgrounds, and enmeshed in a variety of networks all over the world. This diversity enriches the Centre’s programs and lends them a complex and colorful texture.