Coastal and Marine Ecology

Course: CMM 03

Instructor: Verónica Méndez Aragon

Course Catalog Description

About the Course

Understanding the links between organisms and environment is important for an effective management of our natural resources. This three-week course focuses on patterns and processes of species occurring in coastal and marine environments. We will cover simple and complex ecological processes and how these operate in different systems. Finally, topics of conservation biology and ecosystems services will also be addressed.

The course includes lectures, workshops, guest speakers and field trips. Students will also experience a variety of methods for surveying species and habitats


I am a conservation ecologist with a particular interest in migratory systems and in understanding the consequences of global environmental change for biodiversity. My current research investigates migratory decisions, individuals’ responses to environmental changes, and their consequences for population demography and distribution. I address all these issues studying one of the most beautiful birds in Iceland, the Eurasian Oystercatcher!

"I am looking forward for sharing my ecology-driven passion for nature & biodiversity with our future students!"