CMM Spring Seminar: Teaching Experience

CMM51 Elective Course 1 ECTS
Period Taught throughout the semester -
Instructor Dr. Matthias Kokorsch


The course will provide students with a theoretical understanding of, and practical experience in, teaching and education at the graduate level. Students receive background training in the Bologna framework and work in groups to design course curricula on a specific topic related to coastal studies. Students will also gain practical experience in the development of courses.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, a student:

  • can identify and employ primary academic as well as scholarly concepts related to graduate level teaching and education.
  • has understanding of the main components of the Bologna process and framework including learning outcomes and ECTS designation.
  • can effectively convey information related to a topic that is relevant to coastal studies in a graduate classroom setting.
  • can foster interdisciplinary discussion related to contributions and challenges in coastal studies in an academic setting.