CMM Fall Seminar

CMM50 Core Course 1 ECTS
Period Taught throughout the semester -
Instructor Dr. Matthias Kokorsch


This course is taught as a seminar series related to various topics within the Coastal and Marine Management program and is meant to introduce students to academics at the graduate level. The course covers three main areas: elements of high quality research (such as research design and academic writing), current issues in marine management research (such as hot topics, current news and latest research) and career prospects and applications in marine management (guest lectures). 

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, a student:

  • can identify primary academic concepts used to understand the dimensions of coastal studies.
  • can understand the main components of high quality research/writing and formulate relevant research questions.
  • can foster interdisciplinary discussion of the contributions and challenges in managing coastal systems in an applied as well as academic setting.