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The Wheels of Innovation

Tyler Wacker

Tourism is one of the main pillars of the Icelandic economy. For remote and rural communities it is considered to be one of the main tools for filling the gap that a declining fisheries industry has l...
21. September 2021

After our sociology class last September, the cohort started joking about the concept of “authenticity.” Is anything authentic? Is everything authentic? Who really knows? I mention this because, the l...
30. August 2021

A Seaweed Summer

Jenny Koester

This August, I am collecting my master’s thesis data for the coastal and marine resource management program at the University Centre of the Westfjords. Working with TARI – Faroe Seaweed, a Faroese Sea...
25. August 2021

After a year of studies in Iceland in the Coastal and Marine Management Program, I returned to Naknek, Alaska. My interest in the human dimensions of fisheries management was sparked here as my family...
12. August 2021

Ísafjörður íslenskuvænn staður

Ólafur Guðsteinn Kristjánsson

Kæru, Vestfirðingar, Íslendingar, allir sem kunna á íslensku skil. Í tengslum við sumarnámskeið okkar í íslensku, höfum við í hyggju að setja á laggirnar smá verkefni, samfélagsverkefni, sem nefnist ...
6. August 2021

Íslenskunámskeið næstu vikurnar

Ólafur Guðsteinn Kristjánsson

Kæru, Ísfirðingar. Núna í ágúst eiga sér stað, líkt og raunin hefir verið í um áratug, íslenskunámskeið Háskólaseturs Vestfjarða. Svo segir mér hugur að þið séuð mörg hver meðvituð um þá staðreynd. A...
4. August 2021

Hiking, marine litter, and Arctic foxes

Katharina Heinrich

This year’s summer was kicked off with the exciting opportunity to spend a couple of days in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and volunteer for a marine litter monitoring project, which is organized by the...
3. August 2021

Summer in Iceland is probably my favorite time of the year; long days, midnight sun, millions of seabirds, and of course, whales! I am extremely fortunate to be able to spend this summer (June-August)...
29. July 2021

Last fall I got the chance to come and study at the University of the Westfjords Coastal Communities program in Ísafjörður. After nearly a year of coursework I returned home to Colorado. For the last ...
21. July 2021

“My first að smala in Ingjaldssandur bewitched me. Bettý sent me high to chase an obstinate bunch of bleating devils. I complied, while repeating the autocratic maxim: ‘I can go wherever the sheep can...
6. July 2021
Guest Researcher

First Week in Quarantine, Isolated In Nature

Anthony Farge

Hi everyone, I will introduce myself, Anthony Farge, doctoral student in social psychology specializing in social representations, I come from Brittany (in France) and I am also part of the reMERci r...
30. June 2021

Isn’t Iceland Really Expensive?

Leah Shamlian

One of the universal warnings for tourists coming to Iceland is “Watch out, everything is so expensive.” Which is fair, it’s an island. A lot of things have to get shipped in. Reykjavik, though, has ...
26. April 2021