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Last fall I got the chance to come and study at the University of the Westfjords Coastal Communities program in Ísafjörður. After nearly a year of coursework I returned home to Colorado. For the last ...
21. July 2021

“My first að smala in Ingjaldssandur bewitched me. Bettý sent me high to chase an obstinate bunch of bleating devils. I complied, while repeating the autocratic maxim: ‘I can go wherever the sheep can...
6. July 2021
Guest Researcher

First Week in Quarantine, Isolated In Nature

Anthony Farge

Hi everyone, I will introduce myself, Anthony Farge, doctoral student in social psychology specializing in social representations, I come from Brittany (in France) and I am also part of the reMERci r...
30. June 2021

Isn’t Iceland Really Expensive?

Leah Shamlian

One of the universal warnings for tourists coming to Iceland is “Watch out, everything is so expensive.” Which is fair, it’s an island. A lot of things have to get shipped in. Reykjavik, though, has ...
26. April 2021

Spring Break with Whales and Volcanos

UW Staff

Franziska Vogl and Franziska Schmidke, interns from Germany blog about their spring break. A trip that included an active volcano, getting stuck in the snow, spotting whales, and of course music and g...
23. April 2021

Sea Legs Achieved

Leah Shamlian

In my several years of following UW’s social media before finally being able to apply and attend, I saw multiple pictures of students on boats doing science, which was very jealousy-inducing. Hands-on...
25. March 2021

What determines why some birds migrate and others do not? This question is fundamental to understanding how migratory systems are responding to environmental changes, but the causes of individual migr...
16. March 2021

Frozen waterfalls, the return of the sun and sitting by the fire at the Christmas house - these were just some of the free time highlights of our field trip to Akureyri. Karen and I went on this winte...
3. March 2021

We are happy to introduce our newest members of staff, Franziska Vogl and Franziska Schmidke from Germany. They are doing and internship at the University Centre as a part of their studies in Public A...
22. February 2021

I am Canadian-Swiss, and I did the majorities of my studies up to my bachelor’s in molecular biology in Geneva, Switzerland. Now you might be wondering how and why I went from molecular biology to coa...
15. February 2021

Winter Break in Ísafjörður

Leah Shamlian

I am not what one might call a Good Skier, but I got some hand-me-down skis about three years ago during a friend’s ski trip to my area. I hadn’t used them since. But when I was researching the Univer...
8. February 2021