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Hello we are Hannah and Linda, two students from southern Germany. We are studying Public Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Kehl. As part of our studies we are doing a three mont...
26. April 2023

Diving into my passion

Ivan Nikonov

In 2019, I enrolled in the Coastal and Marine Management program at the UW. My academic interests have always been in the sphere of water management problems. The Master's program at the UW gave me a ...
30. March 2023

Going North to get South

Alan Deverell

Sometimes you need to travel in the opposite direction to get to your destination. Having grown up in the UK, opportunity always seemed to lay to the south, if only because the climate was bound tobe...
21. November 2022

CRD in a nutshell

Matthias Kokorsch

Last week was pretty packed for the students of the Coastal Communities and Regional Development program (CRD) and me. And the week was somewhat CRD in a nutshell. It all started with two guest lectur...
7. October 2022

Where is the ‘youth is the future’ from 15 years ago? This was a question I was left with after the European Rural Parliament (ERP) that was hosted last weekin Kielce, Poland. I was lucky enough to a...
26. September 2022

Authors are Matthias Egeler and Jón Jónsson.   The ground is squelchy, waterlogged. It pulls on your boots. I wonder whether I am just imagining that every step sends a quiver across a few adjacent ...
22. September 2022

Dear graduating students, dear guests Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.                                       1 Thessalonians 5:21 You have gone through a cross-disciplinary study prog...
22. June 2022

Sea monsters! Shipwrecks! Sea shanties!

Catherine Chambers

Coastal culture and heritage were the central focus of the course "Maritime Anthropology" that I taught the last week before winter break. The class is an elective for the Coastal Communities and Regi...
17. December 2021