Free Time Activities

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The evenings are mostly free for your own activity

Students staying in Ísafjörður can enjoy discovering the town´s quaint bakeries, wandering the streets, and exploring the coastline. In Ísafjörður you can go swimming and much more. You can climb up several mountains and explore the beautiful nature all around.  Make sure to bring hiking boots and outdoor clothing that is appropriate for the changeable weather.

In Ísafjörður, you might want to stay a day longer or arrive earlier.  In the summer time you can take a trip to Vigur island or a one or two day trip to Hornstrandir. The Hornstrandir nature reserve lies to the north of Ísafjörður, across Ísafjarðardjúp. The area can only be reached by boat. The last permanent residents left in the 1960s, and now nature is taking over old cultivated land. If you go, you will be in tranquil wilderness - no cars, no roads, and no telephones! For more information go to or