Life on the Course

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Crash Course in May Ísafjörður

Applicants on the Crash Course need to reserve accommodation on their own. In Ísafjörður there are several guesthouses and hotels. We have notified some of the guesthouses that they should expect some bookings from our students, please notify the guesthouses in your inquiries to them that you are a student at our Icelandic Courses. Please see some of the accommodation available on the Beginners A1-A2 webpage. You may also search for other accommodation on your own using the websites or websites such as Airbnb and


For the August Crash Course students:

We have arranged for transportation from Ísafjörður to Núpur on Sunday evening, August 14, which is included in the course fee. The transportation will be in connection with the evening flight which lands in Ísafjörður at 19:55. The bus will leave the University Centre at 19:30 to pick up those of you that have arrived in Ísafjörður earlier. The bus will then head for Ísafjörður airport and then depart to Núpur directly. Please note that this is the only organized transport on offer from Ísafjörður to Núpur. If you plan on arriving in Ísafjörður after this scheduled transportation you will need to arrange for transport to Núpur yourself.


Getting from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður

1. Air travel: There are normally two scheduled flights daily from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður. They can be booked online at Flights leave from Reykjavík domestic airport, not from Keflavík airport. You will save considerably by booking in advance. Once you arrive in Ísafjörður, you can take the FlyBus from the airport directly to your final destination in Ísafjörður town for ISK 1.000 in cash. The bus to Ísafjörður is at the airport for every flight.

2. Public bus in the summer: You can find the information about the bus timetable on the Visit Westfjords Official Travell Guide website. Please confirm timings before making plans.

3. Rent a car: There are number of car rentals in Reykjavík and then you can drive from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður. There are two road ways and the distance is about 460 km.

Please notify us of your means of travel on the application form.

Getting back to Reykjavík after the course

1. By plane (see directions above). You can take the FlyBus to the airport directly from the town of Ísafjörður for ISK 1000 in cash. The bus to the airport is scheduled for every flight.

2. Public bus (see directions above).

3. Rent a car: There are number of car rentals in Ísafjörður and then you can drive from Ísafjörður to Reykjavík. There are two road ways and the distance is about 460 km.

Please notify us of your means of travel on the application form.

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The evenings are mostly free for your own activity

Students staying in Ísafjörður can enjoy discovering the town´s quaint bakeries, wandering the streets, and exploring the coastline. In Ísafjörður you can go swimming and much more. You can climb up several mountains and explore the beautiful nature all around.  Make sure to bring hiking boots and outdoor clothing that is appropriate for the changeable weather.

In Ísafjörður, you might want to stay a day longer or arrive earlier.  In the summer time you can take a trip to Vigur island or a one or two day trip to Hornstrandir. The Hornstrandir nature reserve lies to the north of Ísafjörður, across Ísafjarðardjúp. The area can only be reached by boat. The last permanent residents left in the 1960s, and now nature is taking over old cultivated land. If you go, you will be in tranquil wilderness - no cars, no roads, and no telephones! For more information go to or