Marc Daníel Skipstað Volhardt is a linguist from the University of Iceland but has also studied at Copenhagen University in Denmark and the University of Tromsø in Norway. His expertise are phonetics and phonology, the Nordic countries and Nordic languages, dialects and indigenous languages. Marc has e.g. carried out research in Mexico of the language Otomi. 

Marc teaches Icelandic as a second language, Danish as a second language and Scandinavian studies as well as general linguistics at the University of Iceland.

In his spare time, Marc enjoys travelling, photography, spending time in nature and his favourite is to have filtered coffee from a thermos flask at a petrol station!


Ólafur Guðsteinn Kristjánsson has been teaching Icelandic for many years at various schools. In 2010 Ólafur started teaching Icelandic for the University Centre of the Westfjords and since 2014 he does additional coursework for our visiting SIT summer school. He also teaches Icelandic as a second language at the University of Iceland and is currently the project manager of the Icelandic language courses at the University Centre of the Westfjords.

He is an enthusiastic teacher and loves curious students. Anything you would like to learn, from the declension of irregular verbs to the development of Icelandic music, he is happy to explain.

Marc Daníel Skipstað Volhardt
Marc Daníel Skipstað Volhardt
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