Timetable / Classes

The schedule from 2020 found in a link below gives you an idea of what each day can be like. Each morning, you begin with traditional classroom instruction, where you work through the basics of Icelandic with your teacher. The course material is provided to you.  

In the afternoon the teaching takes on different forms with sessions focusing on specific themes. We offer a variety of topics and teaching methods. The afternoon courses differ from year to year. 

For further information about how the course is set up please see the schedule from August 2020

Classroom learning in the morning, 09-12: Basic vocabulary taught through lectures and exercises. All morning classes take place at the University Centre of the Westfjords.

Afternoon courses, 14-16 and/or 16-18: The afternoon courses focus on the practical application of the language. Through fun lectures in easy Icelandic you learn the language in a varied way. 

Evening classes, 20-22: How about ending the day with a movie? In Icelandic of course. We turn the classroom into a movie theater. Some people like to knit while watching a movie. If you don´t know how to, don´t worry we got you covered.