On a mountain top above the town of Ísafjörður. Photo:
On a mountain top above the town of Ísafjörður. Photo:

We want to bring you forward during your language course. For that end, you should come well prepared. The free Internet course is an excellent learning tool that we want to make sure you take advantage of. We expect all participants in the beginners courses to have worked through the Bjargir part (= survival part for absolute beginners) of the course. Our teachers will build upon that level. Please calculate approximately 50 hours of work for the Bjargir online course.

The online course is free, but our colleagues at University of Iceland, who provide, need to have information about how many learners are using it and therefore require registration.

The course materials/textbook are provided by the teachers in form of photocopies and other materials. The material is included in the course fee, and will be available at Guesthouse Núpur on arrival. We expect you to bring your own basic dictionary. Basic dictionaries are also available in the local bookstores in Ísafjörður.

There will be up to four groups depending on the number of students, A-D. Please indicate in the application, which group you think is best for you. You will find the CEFR-standards under the following link: Common European Framework of References for Languages. The University Centre will form the groups on the basis of your self-estimation and a short test in the beginning.

Group A: CEFR-level A1. Prerequisites: Icelandic Online Bjargir with low results.
Slow teaching pace, little or no experience in language learning, no knowledge of related languages (Scandinavian, German), little background in grammar (Latin, Finnish, linguistics).

Group B: CEFR-level A1 plus partly A2. Prerequisites: Icelandic Online Bjargir with good results, medium teaching pace, little experience in language learning, but ambitious.

Group C: CEFR-level A1 plus A2. Prerequisites: Icelandic Online Bjargir with very good result, fast teaching pace, good background in related languages and grammar.  Highly ambitious.

Group D: CEFR-level A1 plus A2. Prerequisites: Icelandic Online Bjargir with excellent results, fast teaching pace, previous knowledge of Icelandic in level A1/A2, very good background in related languages and in grammar.

In case of only three groups this scheme is subject to modifications.

All participants receive in the end of the course a confirmation of participation. However, some of the participants need a graded certificate. For that reason, we have been developing a test in four competencies: Reading comrehension, writing, listening comprehension and communication, each available on level A1, A2 and B1. 

Námsmat 2017 / Evaluation 2017

Mæting í morgunkennslu
Participation in morning classes

Mæting í valnámskeið – ferðir – kór – bíó
Participation in electives-excursion-choir-movie
(Each participation gives 1%)

Verkefni (dagbækur og önnur verkefni skv. ákvörðun
Assignments (diaries and other assignments selected
by teachers)


Lokapróf (lesskilningur, ritun, hlustunarfærni, talfærni)
Final exam (reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension, communication)