UW seeks receptionist

The University Centre is advertising a 50%-position of receptionist. The person will work for all institutions in the Vestra-building, but will formally be hired by UW. Good knowledge of Icelandic is required. 

Further information in Icelandic or contact Peter Weiss, director   weiss@UWestfjords.is  and  450 3045
Application dead line: 15.12.11

Seminar on economic impact of education in remote areas

Wednesday, 30.11.2011, 12:00-16:00, University Centre. Language: English


Education is power – a statement which applies for individuals as well as for whole regions.  But precisely how does knowledge empower a peripheral region? And is it enough to ensure education or do we need more? During this seminar, Icelandic and Scottish scientists and practitioners will share their findings and opinions on this topic with each other.


People in the Westfjords have for many years campaigned for higher education in the Westfjords, not least for traditional face to face education in the region. With the establishment of the University Centre, the discussion has reached another level. 

In this seminar researchers as Robert Wright and Kristinn Hermannsson from Strathclyde University, Nicole Bourque from Universtiy of Glasgow, Vífill Karlsson, who has worked for both Bifröst University and University of Akureyri and Anna Guðrún Edvardsdóttir, who is working on her PhD on education in peripheral regions at University of Iceland and University of the Highlands and Islands, will present their findings on the economic and social impacts of education in pripheral regions. Practitioners as Aðalsteinn Óskarsson from the Westfjords municipalities' association, Shiran Þórisson from the Westfjords economic development agency as well as Peter Weiss from the University Centre of the Westfjords share their findings and experience. 
Further information, schedule and participants on the website.  

Picture: Bela Bergemann
Picture: Bela Bergemann

Development Fund for Immigration Issues

Applications are now open for the 2011 Development Fund for Immigration Issues. Purpose of the Fund is to enhance research and development projects in the field of immigration issues, with the goal of making it easier for immigrants to adjust to Icelandic society and of improving society's preparedness to accommodate immigrants.

A Live Broadcast from Iceland's Environmental Assembly of 2011

The national Icelandic Environmental Assembly 2011, held every two years, will be held on Friday, October 14, at Hotel Selfoss in S-Iceland. The themes of the conference are nature conservation, including the recent White Paper on Nature Conservation, legally protected sites, tourism, recreation, science and guidelines for conservation. Guest of honour is Ella Maria Bisschop-Larsen, chairman of the Danish Nature Conservation Association, which celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.

The conference agenda is available on the Web Environment. Some talks will be in English. 

Streaming at the Ministry for the Environment's website.

Newly published White Paper on Nature Conservation in Iceland
Newly published White Paper on Nature Conservation in Iceland

Vacancy: The Jón Sigurðsson Professorship

The University of Iceland is looking for applicants for the Jón Sigurðsson Professorship. The Professorship is established to celeb the bicentenary of Jón Sigurðsson, the leader of Iceland's struggle for independence. The Jón Sigurðsson Professor will have research and teaching obligations at the University of Iceland and will be located at the University of Iceland Research Centre of the Westfjords.

The University Express in Bolungarvík

On the occasion of the one hundred year anniversary of the University of Iceland a University Express has been traveling around the country for the past few months. On Saturday August 13 the Express will be in Bolungarík with a diverse and interesting program. Further information is available in Icelandic on the UI website.

Northern Research Forum: Our Ice Dependent World

It is our pleasure to remind you of the 6th Open Assembly of the Northern Research Forum (NRF), ´Our Ice Dependent World´ to be held in Hveragerði, Iceland, 3rd - 6th of September 2011.

Interesting courses at the University of Akureyri; continuous education

During the autumn term 2011 the University of Akureyri offers courses on Icelandic Fish Industry and on Marketing of goods and services. The courses can be taught via distance learning. Further information available in Icelandic.

Course on Icelandic Fish Industry

During the autumn term 2011 the University of Akureyri offers a course on Icelandic Fish Industry, especially designed for employees of the industry. The course can be taught via distance learning. Further information available in Icelandic.

Museum Education - Teaching and Learning in a Museum

August 26 to 28 2011 a course in museum education will be held at the Hrafnseyri Museum in Arnarfjörður, Westfjords. The course is held by the Hrafnseyri museum and the Museum Research Centre of the University of Iceland.
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