Leonardo Application Workshop

On Thursday December 6 The Icelandic Lifelong Learning Programme National Agency will give a work-shop on writing applications for the Leonardo program. Please find further information on our Icelandic webpage.

Development Fund for Immigration Issues - grants 2012

The Ministry of Welfare announes that applications are now open for the Development Fund for Immigration Issues. The purpose of this fund is to support research and development projects in the field of immigration issues, with the goal of making it easier for immigrants to adjust to Icelandic society and of improving society's preparedness to accommodate immigrants.

To Humanities Researchers in the Westfjords

Recently dr. Guðmundur Hálfdánarson was appointed as the Jón Sigurðsson professor at the University of Iceland. Among the roles of the Jón Sigurðsson professorship is to support research and education in the Westfjords. Therefore professor Hálfdánarsson wishes to get in touch with researchers in the field of humanities in the Westfjords. The meeting will be a platform for cooperation.

The Future of Coastal Communities

A conference on the subject of the future of Coastal Communities in the Westfjords will be held in Ísafjörður on September 22. 2012. Further information is available in Icelandic on the website of Atvest the economic development agency for the Westfjords.
The schedule of the conference.
The schedule of the conference.

Graduation and University Festival June 17

This year fourteen students will graduate from the Master's Program in Coastal and Marine Management taught at the University Centre of the Westfjords in cooperation with the University of Akureyri. Moreover, a group of Westfjords distance-students will graduate from UAkureyri. Formal graduation was from the University of Akureyri on the 9th of June. The University Centre will celebrate the occasion in Hrafnseyri/West-fjords on 17th June - Iceland's National Independence Day.

On the occasion of this day, the University Centre welcomes all past and present students, faculty, personnel, board of directors and founders, co-workers and supporters, as well as all associates of the University Centre during the last years.

It is an honor for the University Centre of the Westfjords that the rector/president of the University of Akureyri will be attending again this year. We hope to see many friends of the University Centre on this festive day.

12:15-13:15 Celebratory ceremony in Hrafnseyri
13:30 Picnic
14:00 Mass in Hrafnseyri on the occasion of Iceland's National Independence Day
15:00 Independence Day schedule, including speeches, theatre, refreshments.
17:00 Coach from Hrafnseyri back to Ísafjörður with stop at Ísafjörður airport (registration)
18:35-19:15 Flight Ísafjörður - Reykjavík
20:00- Grill-supper at the University Centre, organised by Ægir student association (registration)

Festive ceremony in Hrafnseyri is open to all guests while accommodation is still available.
Picture taken at the University Festival June 17 2010 when the first group of CMM students graduated.
Picture taken at the University Festival June 17 2010 when the first group of CMM students graduated.

Internship position at the EU ARCTIC Forum

The EU ARCTIC Forum is looking for an intern to start as soon as possible to work with us for a period of between 4-6 months.

The Biosphere of Icelandic Springs

On March 29 at 12.15 - 12.45 Dr. Bjarni K. Kristjánsson will give a talk on the biosphere of Icelandic springs. His talk will be in Icelandic and shown via video conference at the University Centre. Further information available in Icelandic.

Symposium on Icelandic Social Sciences 2012

The 2012 Symposium on Icelandic Social Sciences will be held in Akureyri April 20-21. It is an annual event and the first symposium was held in Akureyri in 2007

Puffin and Sand Lance Stock Comparison

On Thursday February 23 at 12:15 - 12:45, biologist Erpur Snær Hansen will give a talk on the comparison of puffin and sand lance stocks in Iceland and the North Sea. The talk is given via video conference and will be in Icelandic.

Arctic Frontiers 24.01.2012-28.01.2012, Tromsö

Increased human activity in the Arctic will have significant economic, political, and social implications for Arctic nations, and will impact Arctic ecosystems. It is thus vital to balance human activities within Arctic regions with the need to manage and protect the environment and ecosystems in the short and long term. Arctic Frontiers provides a platform for all arctic stakeholders to define priorities for development and research under the motto Balancing human use and ecosystem protection. The ultimate goal of Arctic Frontiers is to provide a better understanding of arctic regions within a pan-arctic perspective, and to promote sustainable levels of human activity based on scientific knowledge, cultural sensitivity and cooperation across borders.

Further information and registration: www.arcticfrontiers.com

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