The Sea Bed and its Ecosystem

The Marine Research Institute's (MRI) Annual Conference of the marine environment and its surroundings will be held 25 February 2014. The topic of the conference is "Seabed and its Ecosystem". MRI encourages all who are involved in research on the ocean and its organisms to present their research at the conference. The conference will be in the MRI's auditorium in Skúlagötu 4, 101 Reykjavík, and is open to all. Please send your abstract to radstefna (at) by 1 February 2014.

Arctic Region Day

On Thursday November 14 committee on Arctic Region Issues will host a program called the Arctic Region Day. The program is held at the Marine Research Institute at Skúlagata 4 in Reykjavík from 9-5.30.


An presentation for the project utilisation of the coastal zone for Isafjarðardjúp and Jökulfirði will be held between 12-13 on Wednesday 18th of September in the University Centre cafeteria.

At the beginning of two centuries

The Rögnvaldur Ólafsson institute is hosting a symposium on the ideology of two generations at the beginning of the twentieth century and the twenty first century on Friday September 6 and Saturday 7.

On the first day lecturers and panels will addresses the ideology that shaped the beginning of the twentieth century in terms of the formation of the environment, what paradigms were predominant and what challenges were addressed at the beginning of the twentieth century.

On day two the emphasis will be on where we stand at the beginning of the twenty-first century. How things have developed in Iceland and what ideology is governs at the moment.

All further information available on our Icelandic webpage.

Research Grants: RannNýs V-Barð

The research fund Rannsóknar og nýsköpunarsjóður Vestur-Barðastrandar calls for applications. The application deadline is July 31 and the results will be announced at the end of September.

Annual General Meeting

It is during the month of May that the Annual General Meeting takes place at the University Centre Westfjords. The AGM this year falls on 17th of May, and discussion points include events over the past year, both financially and internally. The AGM will start at 1 pm at the University Centre.

Guest Lecturer on Planning Tools

Mr. Dirk Werle from Aerde Environmental Research, Halifax, Nova Scotia is joining the course Principles of Planning this week as a guest lecturer. Mr. Dirk Werle will speak on: Planning tools to support coastal hazard response and management - Using Earth observation satellites for hurricane damage assessment in the Caribbean coastal zone: Regional, national and local scales.

Háskólagátt promoted in Isafjordur

On Wednesday May 8, María Einarsdóttir from Bifrost University will come to Isafjordur and promote Háskólagátt, which could be translated as University Gateway. The introduction will be held in the Fræðslumiðstöð Vestfjarða, Westfjords Center for Life Long Learning, between 12:00 and 15:00.

Háskólagátt is intended for those who do not meet the entry requirements for university level and for students who want to strengthen their position before applying for university.

Assuming that students are full-time students, Háskólagátt takes one year and the registration fee for the year is 89,000 kr.
The introduction will be held at the Westfjords Center for Life Long Learning
The introduction will be held at the Westfjords Center for Life Long Learning

Lunch Lecture: European Culture

Visiting Erasmus-exchange teacher Rob Warmenhoven will give an introduction to European Culture and discuss what is Europe, what is European identity, where does Europe end and how can we deal with other European Cultures.

Exam period and fees

In connection with latest news on on fees for taking exams as well as fees for using the respective centre in Southern Iceland, the University Centre of the Westfjords would like to point out, now at the beginning of the exam-period, that there are no plans of introducing fees for taking exams here.
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