Monday 4 May 2020

UW response and information on COVID-19 Updated 31.07.2020

Updated 31.07.2020 

From today, 31.07.2020, there are new regulations in effect concerning measures to keep infection rate with the corona-virus low. This is a bunch of measures which aim at controlling the influx and, at the same time, prevent further distribution of the virus. 

Most important for incoming international students arer the changes in the border control. We advise students and teachers to find information on the official website.  Arriving international students should pay special attention to the instructions on registering before departure. Students from the US have received a special invitation letter from UW.

During the last week or ten days we have already informed the different categories of students coming to UW individually on the procedure of arrival and testing, including the suggestion to keep to special precautious measures (="heimkomusmitgát"). Since today, 31.07.2020, the regulations on heimkomusmitgát are obligatory for all students and teachers of UW who come from high risque areas (which is most countries).

From 31.07.2020, all arrivals from high-risque areas undergo double testing for covid: First on their own expenses upon arrival, and a second test after some five days with no costs for them, at the place of residence here in Ísafjörður. Please note that students will be invited for the second test. If not, UW will arrange that in cooperation with the local hospital.

Arrivals from "safe countries" do not need to undergo testing. However, UW strongly suggests all students keep to the rules of special precautious measures/heimkomusmitgát during the first days and be in contact with us, so we check with the local health authorities whether a test after five days is indicated.

Heimkomusmitgát (special precautious measures) is a lean form of quarantaine for the first five days of stay. In short, during the first five days, arrivals may not contact vulnerable people, they may not attend gatherings with more than 10 persons and should avoid all contacts which are not traceable. However, students are allowed to travel to their future home in Ísafjörður, including flight and flybus, with overnight stay in Reykjavík and go to the grocery store when necessary, but should minimise all contacts and keep extra high hygienic standards. Disinfection liquid is available in all public buildings and the grocery stores, make use of them. Masks are now obligatory wherever a distance of 2 meters can not be kept. Please find detailed information on the special precautious measures here

When in Ísafjörður, students are encouraged to let staff know of their arrival by e-mail, but may not come to UW before second testing/end of the five day's period. It is allowed to walk in the open air exploring the nature around Ísafjörður – where you won't meet with anybody and won't spread the virus.  Enjoy it!

Please follow always the best hygiene measures. You find more on how to avoid infection here

In case you felt any symptoms, stay home and notify us or call the official number, 1700, respectively +354 544 4113 from a foreign phone.  Do not come to UW when you feel sick and not at all to the hospital either. In an emergency or if you are in doubt how to behave responsibly, you are welcome to address any person staff. 

Further information:

Directorate of Health website

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