Tuesday 18 August 2020

UW response and information on COVID-19 Updated 18.08.2020

As of 19.08.2020 new rules on traveling to Iceland will be in place. Below you will find information and resources regarding these new rules, as well as rules on social distancing and gathering limitations.

Travelling to Iceland

As of 19.08.2020 all travelers entering Iceland must be tested twice for COVID-19. The first sample is done upon arrival. The second sample is taken 5-6 days later. Until the second test has proved negative you need to carefully follow quarantine rules.  

During the 5-6 day period you are required to follow carefully the instructions for persons under home-based quarantine, or instructions for quarantine for visitors in Iceland, depending on your situation.

When in Ísafjörður, students are encouraged to notify staff about their arrival by e-mail. Please note that you are to adhere to the quarantine instructions until negative result is received from the second test.

Please read further information about coming to Iceland on the official COVID-19 information website.

Previous rules, implemented on 31.07.2020, apply until 18.08.2020 at 00:00 hours. Please read previous announcement.

Classes and working at the University Centre building

Currently there is a limit of gatherings of 100-person and a general rule on social distancing of two meters between individuals who do not live together. This applies to all general gatherings and movement in public space. Where the 2-meter rule cannot be respected masks should be used.

Special provisions are in place at colleges and universities, where it is allowed to maintain one-meter social distance between individuals without face masks.

For further information about current restrictions please visit the Official COVID-19 information website.

How to prevent infection and what to do if symptoms are detected

Please follow always the best hygiene measures. You find more on how to avoid infection here

In case you felt any symptoms, stay home and notify us or call the official number, 1700, respectively +354 544 4113 from a foreign phone.  Do not come to UW when you feel sick and not at all to the hospital either. In an emergency or if you are in doubt how to behave responsibly, you are welcome to address any person staff. 

Further information:

Directorate of Health website

Official information website about COVID-19 in Iceland