Saturday 14 March 2020

UW response and information on COVID-19 Updated 14.03.2020

Updated Announcement at 18:00 14.03.2020

On 13.03.2020, the Icelandic minister of health, in accord with the minister of culture, has announced a ban on mass-gatherings. Part of this is that universities will be closed for four weeks to prevent a massive and uncontrollable spread of the virus.

Although the University Centre of the Westfjords is a very small institution and although there is still no reported case in the Westfjords, the regulation applies to all university level, including the University Centre of the Westfjords. This has the following consequences:

From Monday, 16.03.2020 until 12.04.2020, there will be no required physical attendance at the University Centre building, neither in connection to class work nor for other services. There will be no in-class-teaching ongoing at the University Centre. Teaching will be moved to an online-format, which students can attend from their homes. Student-related matters will be dealt with via e-mail or phone.

Staff will be able to work from home and accessible via e-mail and telephone. Phone calls to the office number will be forwarded to mobile phones. When calling, please respect standard working hours unless there is an emergency.

The University Centre is not the only institution in the building and the reception desks services many institutions in the building. However, we will reduce this service during the next four weeks. The receptionists will work only one at a time. The reception desk will be open on weekdays from 09-13. Beyond that time the building will be accessible only for people who have a key.

Those who have an access-key to the University Centre and a working place there may continue to work from their working place but shall make sure to follow the intention of the set regulation. The access is limited to this narrow group. Reception of guests will not be allowed. Ongoing construction work will continue.

In times like this there can be a higher demand for student counselling. Margrét Björk Arnardóttir is a counselor and will be available via telephone or e-mail.

Students, teachers, staff and colleagues from other institutions are encouraged to contact staff with any considerations. The more physical meetings are reduced or excluded, the more we must pay attention to stay in contact and know of each other's thoughts and needs.

Further information:

Directorate of Health website

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