Monday 2 December 2013

The Sea Bed and its Ecosystem

[mynd 1 h]The Marine Research Institute's (MRI) Annual Conference of the marine environment and its surroundings will be held 25 February 2014. The topic of the conference is "Seabed and its Ecosystem".

MRI encourages all who are involved in research on the ocean and its organisms to present their research at the conference. The conference will be in the MRI's auditorium in Skúlagötu 4, 101 Reykjavík, and is open to all. Please send your abstract to radstefna (at) by 1 February 2014.

Research will be presented in lectures and posters. The Preparatory Committee for the Conference are Gudrun Helgadóttir, Karl Gunnarsson , Sigurborg Jóhannsdóttir and Solveig R. Ólafsdóttir, all with MRI.