Wednesday 24 March 2021

Stricter Measures because of Covid19 • Rules at UW 24.03.2021

As infection numbers have been rising during the last days the government has set stricter rules to prevent a spread of the virus. The regulations set a maximum number of 10 persons gathering in general, both in public life and in private gatherings. Moreover, all in-class-teaching has been suspended from tonight midnight until 31.03.2021 to start with.

The University Centre is closed for students until further notice. If you urgently needed a book from the library or have stored personal items in one of the storage-boxes, please contact the reception: or 450 3000

Rules on running schools set by the ministry.

Timeframe: 25.03.2021-31.03.2021.


CMM41 – Marine Spatial Planning, delivered online

Students take the course from home.

CRD04 – Welfare and Development, moved to an online format

Students take the course from home.

Please note: Teaching on Thursday morning, 24.03.2021 will start at 08:30. Please find further information in Canvas.

SIT semester programme, no teaching

Students are informed

Distance learning students

Students work from home.

Second year students, cohort 2019 working on thesis projects

Students work from home.


Staff is allowed to work in their offices but should reduce contacts as possible. No visits to offices allowed

Researchers use their desk as usual. 

Guests are only allowed to the University Centre on special invitation during the period 24.03.2021-01.04.2021.  

Access to printer/photo-copying machine: 

Access to the printer not allowed for students. Students can send print orders to the printer and UW will organise safe delivery. Please take contact with the reception before sending print orders. For photocopying receptionists need to be consulted. 

Access to staff/teachers

Staff/teachers are not allowed to receive students in their offices. Student-Teacher communication must be virtual (e-mail, zoom, phone). Communication between students and staff should be via e-mail or phone. 

Use of masks 

According to official guidelines, masks must be used where the distance of two meters can not be kept.

Quarantine-areas in the building

Unchanged four big quarantine areas. No traffic from one area to the other. Janitors and receptionists exempted.


Students, teachers and staff are asked to avoid situations with high infection risk. Maximum group size is ten, all over the country.  

Students and staff are urged to stay home and take a test in case they feel any symptoms!


We hope for your understanding of these rules. They are made to nip the fourth wave in the bud. 

Please keep in mind that washing hands and other disinfection, good distance or use of masks as well as other personal preventions have shown best results in containing the disease.