Wednesday 17 November 2010

Small country, big history

On 17th of November 1918, 4 p.m., was held first meeting of the National Council at the Latvian National Theatre in Riga. At the same day, the first Latvian government was elected by this Council and already on 18th of November the Independence was proclaimed. It has happened after devastating First World War and took two more years to end up fighting for it´s independence against German and Soviet troops, but it was worth it - Latvian people finally got their own Independent country. Many more tradegedies happened afterwards, but Independence Day traditionally is celebrated on 18th of November each year. Tzvi Arieli, CMM student from Israel ( originally from Latvia ) and Liene Tiesnene from Latvia invite on the occasion of the day. Tzvi and Liene will talk about Latvia and it´s tragical history on Thursday, 18th of November.


Thursday, 18.11.10, 12-13
Room 1/2, University Centre
Language: English