Tuesday 24 June 2008

Seminar on coastal planning in Norway

The Association of Local Authorities in the Westfjords will host a conference on coastal planning in the University Centre of the Westfjords on the 23rd of June at 10:30. The conference is open to everyone but especially directed to local authorities, companies and institutions that have to do with research and teaching in the field of coastal planning.

Key speaker on the conference is Mr. Gunnar Davíðsson, fisheries scientist and divisional manager at the Troms County Council in Tromsö, Norway. In his talk, Mr. Davidsson will discuss the development of coastal planning in Norway in recent years and forthcoming changes in the field. His talk will also cover key factors that Norwegian governments have looked to regarding coastal planning.

The conference is held in occasion of a proposition put forth by the Association of Local Authorities in the Westfjords regarding coastal planning. The proposition is based on a report made by a workgroup on regional planning, appointed by the Association. In the process of making this regional planning the Association has decided to take into account the planning of coastal areas, i.e. areas outside jurisdiction of the municipalises.

This would be a trial project in Iceland since there are no legal clauses on the proceedings of such planning in Iceland, while such clauses are well known in other countries, such as Norway. As the experience of other nations shows the utilisation of these areas will only grow in the coming years. The growing utilisation is evident for example in regards of aquaculture, tourism, energy production, conventional fisheries and the growing emphasis on the preservation of nature and local culture. In the long run the local authorities have great interests vested in regards of these matters. It is essential for the population as well as the economy that the planning of coastal arias will be carried out within an effective system such as is the case on land.

For further information and registration contact the office of the Local Authorities in the Westfjords: skrifstofa@fjordungssamband.is