Tuesday 11 February 2014

SNAPS final conference, Ísafjörður Feb 12

SNAPS stands for Snow, Ice and Avalanche Applications and is a collaboration between insitutions in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The project was carried out with funding from the Northern Periphery Programme. The focus of this project was on snow and avalanche services for transport infrastructure in selected areas within the Northern Periphery.  The main partners in SNAPS are institutes that have expertise in snow, ice and avalanche science. Transport authorities and local authorities participate as associated partners.

The products and services developed within the project will be presented:

  • Snow maps in near real time for target areas based on satellite data
  • Operational runs of snow models
  • Snow drift model and forecast
  • Tools for avalanche forecasting
  • Operational avalanche forecasting for roads
  • Dissemination system for information on avalanche danger to road users

The conference schedule can be found here.