Monday 12 July 2010

SIT students present research projects

Next Wednesday, July 14, students from the School for International Training (SIT) who have been hosted by the University Centre for the past week will be presenting research projects that they have been working on during their stay here. The stay is part of a course that the students are taking, Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics in Iceland, that takes place at the School for Renewable Energy Science (RES) in Akureyri, in Reykjavik and here in the Westfjords.


The presentation will be held in the Univeristy Centre coffee room and will start at 3pm. The following projects will be presented:


  • Viability of bio-diesel production from waste products
  • Hydrogen production from thermophilic bacteria
  • Sustainable management of geothermal resources
  • Sustainability of aluminum production in Iceland
  • Stakeholders in tidal power in the Westfjords
  • Education and awareness of environmental issues
  • Hydropower dam optimization
  • Methane as a stop-gap fuel
  • Social impacts of micro-hydropower
  • Whaling and sustainability
  • Rapeseed bio-fuel for fishing fleet
  • Wind power for Grímsey
  • Carbon capture in Icelandic basalts
  • Energy security for the Westfjords
  • Sustainability of lax aquaculture

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to attend. Light refreshments.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has assisted the students during their stay in Ísafjörður.