Tuesday 24 August 2021

Regulations because of Covid19 • Rules at UW

Timeframe: until 27.08.2021, new instructions to be expected 28.08.2021.

With high numbers of infections daily and a high 14-days incidence we are reminded that covid-19 is not over, although a high proportion of the Icelandic population is vaccinated.

Please contact Astrid or the hospital directly, if you want to become vaccinated. https://www.covid.is/statistical-information-on-vaccination 

The national regulations are quite simple (https://www.covid.is/english):

  • Always keep at least one meter distance.
  • Where you can not keep the distance, wear a mask. Masks are required in shops and public transportation.
  • Maximum numbers for gatherings is 200.
  • Always keep best hygienical standards and avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Keep to the community pledge: https://www.covid.is/community

Translating this to UW means the following:

  • We rent the big Edinborgar-hall so you can keep distance. Use the space, do not cluster.
  • At UW, there is enough space to keep distance, make use of it.
  • When entering the building and until seated, use masks.
  • There is both soap and hand sanitizer everywhere, use it.
  • When meeting with people outside your closer surroundings, be specially aware of keeping distance and/or using masks.

There are several groups at UW, summer courses, several master's programmes, other programmes. As much as we normally want students to build up contacts across the different groups we now ask you to select the ones you want to have close contact with. In case of an infection, your contacts will need to quarantaine, so cutting across the groups will multiply the numbers of quarantained students. Please contain the damage by keeping to fewer close contacts and remind to keep good distance when in contact with people outside your narrowest surroundings. This applies both within UW and in your private surroundings.

  • Please keep track of your contacts and/or use the Rakning C-19 app: https://www.covid.is/app/en
  • We do not reach the maximum numbers. However, in the building are numerous institutions and all together they make a big group. This is why the building is again divided into four main areas. Do not enter any of the other areas without invitation or necessity. Students do generally not have to run any errand in the other parts of the building, they are restricted to area 1, UW.

Area 1: UW, central area, including all classrooms and offices.

Area 2: Þróunarsetur/carpet-floor. Divided by fire protecting door

Area 3: Vestfjarðastofa, first floor eastern corner

Area 4: Fræðslumiðstöð, first floor, southern corner


After very strict regulations during the last winter we have seen a period of zero regulations, which led to a very high incidence. Now we are back to some – bearable – regulations. Let's keep to them.