Monday 16 November 2020

Measures because of Covid19 • Separation of groups at UW • 16.11.2020-01.12.2020

The rules for preventing spread of the Corona-virus have been prolonged with minor changes, which are not relevant for universities. Group size is still limited to ten persons. The two meters rule as well as the segregation of groups applies unchanged.  Where groups cannot be separated or the two meter's minimum distance cannot be kept, masks must be used. 

Rules on running schools set by the ministry.

Time frame for the rules at UW: 16.11.2020-30.11.2020 (=CMM/CRD05 module)

Next announcement to be expected with the beginning of the next teaching module.

Separation of groups as well as minimising group sizes should reduce a possible infection affecting big groups and facilitate the work of the tracing team in containing the disease. The University Centre is a working place with several groups of students and a number of independent institutions in the same building. All restriction of contacts will lower the risk of infection. Please be aware that the two meters rule also applies in the coffee breaks and in the hallway, as well as outside university. There is plenty of space, let's make use of it!

Separation will be according to the following lines. 

CMM05 – Environmental Economics

Partly taught in distance. Contact hours and individual learning: Group divided in three subgroups.

Nota bene: Subgroups may not mix.

Subgroup A room 4 (both for face-to-face time and for individual learning)
Subgroup B room 5 (both for face-to-face time and for individual learning)
Subgroup C room 3 (for face-to-face time, for individual learning room 3+1)

Entrance: Main entrance. Exit via yard (or corner door from room 1+3) to minimise contacts in the hall.

Coffee-room: Coffee bar(s), Corner coffee room, Cafeteria, according to guidance by receptionists.

Toilets: UW main toilets 

Distance learning students, estimated 4-5, reading rooms on the first floor.

Please inform reception. If demand is higher, we rent an additional room.

Entrance: Main entrance. Exit: Main entrance. 

Coffee-room: none

Toilets: Toilet opposite to Skógrækt

Second year students, cohort 2019, estimated 5-6, Library/Reading facilities

Entrance: Main entrance. Exit: Main entrance. 

Coffee-room: none

Toilets: UW main toilets 

Teachers/staff can cross the separation lines when necessary. 

Researchers use their desk as usual. 

Entrance: Main entrance. Exit: Main entrance. 

Toilets: First floor and handicapped


Guests are not allowed to the University Centre during the period, besides upon invitation (for example guest lecturers).


Access to printer/photo-copying machine: 

Students print out and ask the receptionists for assistance. Receptionists will deposit the printed material in the respective areas. For photocopying receptionists need to be consulted. 

Access to staff/teachers

Staff/teachers are not allowed to receive students in their offices. Student-Teacher communication must be in the classroom or by internet (e-mail, zoom, phone). Communication between students and staff should be in a bigger room where distance can be kept or via e-mail or phone. 

Use of masks 

Masks must be used where the distance of two meters cannot be kept and where it is inevitable that groups mix.

With the set rules the groups should not mix, not even in the hallway. The teaching facilities as well as the coffee rooms have space to guarantee the two meters distance. However, it is advisable to have masks at hand and UW can provide students with a mask. Please make sure to use it according to best practices. 

Closed during weekend

The University Centre will be closed during the weekends of this period to prevent groups from mixing.

Please keep in mind that washing hands and other disinfection, good distance or use of masks as well as other personal preventions have shown best results in containing the disease.