Tuesday 23 April 2013

Exam period and fees

In connection with latest news on Sunnlenska.is on fees for taking exams as well as fees for using the respective centre in Southern Iceland, the University Centre of the Westfjords would like to point out, now at the beginning of the exam-period, that there are no plans of introducing fees for taking exams here. The University Centre's policy has always been to get as many people as possible to the Westfjords and get them to stay as long as possible. In this respect it is irrelevant whether Westfjords distance learning students or guest students want to take advantage of this. One part of this policy is to give students the opportunity to stay in the Westfjords during the exam-time and take exams through the University Centre. Thus, there are no fees for taking exams. This applies to the northern Westfjords, the southern Westfjords and the Strandir region.

Recently, the University Centre signed a contract with the Adult Education Centre of the Westfjords on the service for distance learning students in the southern Westfjords and in the Strandir region. The contact person for all exams is the University Centre director of administration and teaching, who then contacts the Adult Education Centre's staff in the respective region. The University Centre hopes that students from those areas, but also guests in those separated regions, will use these services to an increasing degree.

In 2013, regional funds are allocated for building up the learning environment in Patreksfjörður and Hólmavík, what in its turn hopefully backs up distance learning students there.

The fee for using University Centre facilities is 2000 ISK per term, including access, internet connection as well as photo-copying (70 pages). Students, who only take exams at the University Centre of the Westfjords without using the facilities otherwise, do not pay any fee for the facilities. The University Centre has a very good learning environment, both for exam-preparation as well as for group work and other project-based work.

Students, who are not registered as Westfjords distance learning students at their universities, but who want to take an exam in the Westfjords nevertheless, need to announce this to their respective university, which forwards the information to University Centre director of administration and teaching.

The University Centre staff wishes all students good success in the upcoming exam-period.