The evenings and weekends are mostly free for your own activities.

Language students staying in Ísafjörður can wander the small streets of this historic town, explore the coastline and enjoy the beautiful nature all around. One can go to the pool, meet locals in the bakeries or coffehouses, learn about the Westfjords in the Cultural Heritage Museum, watch a movie in the cozy cinema, forget time in the museum of every day life, read a book at the local library, or climb up several mountains.

Near Isafjordur you can go horse-back riding, kayaking, bird watching, fjord-fishing, whale watching, go on guided quad tours, 4x4 (SUV) day trips and more. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, make sure to bring good hiking boots and outdoor clothing that is appropriate for the changeable weather. 

For more information on tours or daytrips please check out Visit Westfjords and West Tours.